Quilt Prep

How to Prepare Your Quilt for Quilting

Quilt Top

  1. Make sure your quilt top has been pressed and all threads cleaned up. Trailing dark threads can really detract from the quilt if they are caught between layers.
  2. It is very important that your top be square.
  3. Check to be sure all seams are sewn securely.
  4. Make sure all borders are not wavy because they are too long for the quilt.


Call me for help on applying borders correctly. I will be happy to advise you.


  1. Should be similar to the thread color being used on the top. I use the same color thread on top and in the bobbin.
  2. Fabrics should to be 100% cotton to get the best results. Sheets are not appropriate for quilt backings.
  3. Remove all selvages.
  4. Backings and batting need to be at least 3″ larger on ALL sides of the quilt. For example, if you have a 60″x60″ quilt, you will need to supply backing and batting in the size of 66″ x 66″ This will supply the needed 3″ on all sides of the quilt.
  5. Make sure backing is cut square also. Use a 90 degree ruler to verify.
  6. Press all seams in the backing open


Your quilt will be quilted in the condition it is received and will be as free of puckers, pleats, and tucks as your piecing will allow.

Note: Quilts with embellishments cannot be machine quilted. Plan to add your embellishments after quilting is complete.